(A​)​Live from the Scrapheap

by Christina Rubino

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released March 15, 2014

Additional performers include Matt Brown, Jerry Farley & Francine Bianco. Mixed/Mastered by Jerry Farley & Marc Urselli.



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Christina Rubino New York

With the release of the Godspeed & Guns album, Lush with addictive progressions, soulful vocals, and an alternative edge, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds it all together, much like a concept album would. Most importantly,the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from. ... more

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Track Name: The Gateway
Verse ( G, , F#, C ) - Well it’s cloudy out and those whippin’ winds are driving rain like solemn hyms, Like sacred songs - more like silent screams. So get off the floor & get on your feet and try to remember your dreams, use your voice because you can.

Chorus ( D, Am, C ) And try to find that voice, that voice you thought you’d never hear again.

Verse ( G, , F#, C ) You can open up your chest, and hope your heart sings, jump from the rooftops and hope to sprout wings, cry on the shoulders of gypsies & kings -

( D, Am, C ) believe me that won’t do anything

( Em7, C ) Oh, I’ve looked. I have sacrificed my diginity. Met my match at the bottom of a bottle. Lord came delivered me.

Verse ( G, , F#, C ) Now I have died 1000 deaths and filled my days with final breaths, but the one thing ringing true to me all the time - is that the lord above has given us the tools we need to reconstruct and the tools we need to build a better man -

Chorus ( D, Am, C ) So try to find that voice, that voice you thought you’d never hear again.
Track Name: Pending the Last Soul
Harmonica key of G

Verse ( g, Am ) - Well i know i’ve been blind, to the depths of my soul. it ain’t easy to find out, what you already know - deep down inside i, feel the hunger- but it ain’t (c) over ‘till the last comes (g) home

in a world full of people who don’t understand, when you kill the vision you kill the man and the blind man dies before he’s ever been born. so take up your beds and walk again ‘cuz the devil ain’t ever gona be your friend and your good intentions won’t save you from yourself.

Chorus (Em, c, g) Nobody wants your fredom, that was gone long ago. deep down inside there’s a hunger, there’s a hunger - (a) man can not live on (a7) bread alone -
--but i keep wasting--

( g, Am ) time, when it’s time to go. Search to find out what I already know. the ship’s pulled anchor, and the foghorns blown - cuz it ain’t over ‘till the last soul (c) comes home.


( g, Am ) time to say goodbye to everything you know - the king sits patient, on his throne. now you never have to be alone - because it ain’t over ‘till the last soul comes home.
Track Name: Nothing to Gain
Capo 3rd Fret

verse (c,g) i always knew that i had the strength but i’d fall, and i always thought that i was everything or i was nothing at all. and time after time when i would feel the pain, i’d get out of bed and do it all again - like a merry go round spinning in my brain - (am) with nothing to lose and (c) nothing to gain.

(c,g) it’s 5am i can’t get no sleep tonight. and over the clouds where the dawn is breaking i can see the light. if i could just get some money, just get some fame. if only the world would just play my game. then i could get off this runaway train - with (am) nothing to lose and (c) nothing to gain.

( em, am, c ) lord help me make it through the night. please don’t let her hurt me, don’t you let her take my life. i’ve got a bad feeling shooting through my veins - (am) you can’t sing the blues this time with (c) no one to blame. (am) nothing to lose, (c) nothing to gain.

repeat verse 1 & chorus
Track Name: Little Bee in D
where are all those limousines? big flat movie screens? look how we’re living now, guess we just don’t know how - how did everything just change?
how could i just fall? like that?

theres an apple in your throat, a chain around your neck. the truth is barely breathing cuz it gets no air. everything about you is screaming lifes not fair. your 100 shades of wrong and you don’t care.

i met a little b, who reminded me of me in a little dress - with all of that eagerness.

but then everything turned gray.
Track Name: Tidal
i’m fit to be tidal, just a bit suicidal cuz i can’t keep up with it. bitterness and old pain, wine and pills and cocaine - it’s a wonder how we live. somethings got to give. --all of these years i’ve had enough. so you cry me a river, cry me till your tears dry up and your’e numb. because i’m sick of being tired, sick of being sick of myself. was anybody listening, was anybody there when we cried out for help.--you tell me step off of that ledge, sit down and sort it out.if it were that easy, i’d have nothing to sing about. i feel i’m in too deep now, i’m starting to drown.--i’m fit to be tidal - battling a lie - i can’t keep up with it. i wonder what’s wrong with that girl, seperated from the world. it’s a fight she’lle never win.
Track Name: Aria Divina
the winds of change are blowing, i can feel it in the air. and i have
no fear not knowing, what lies ahead. old beliefs are falling. all
these seeds are growing. when all those doors are closing, you
never chose them.

aria divina, soffio sacro di dio. aria di vita senza fine o inizio.

god show me where i’m going, and who i should be. please light
the path i’m walking, and help me walk humbly.
Track Name: Seems
woke up this morning and my head started to pound. for the last two weeks i’ve been feeling like you’ve been around. things are so crazy, i wish you could be here somehow. if ever was a time i needed you, it’s now.

nobody’s got time or patience, nobody cares - all of that died with mom and it’s been dead for years. it’s been so long since i’ve been honest, i forgot who i am. if you can hear me now - deliver my prayers.

--you never even knew my dreams. god know if you’d have even cared. now i’m falling apart at the seems. seems like nobody’s there.

all of these things and no place to hide them.
so i lock it all up and keep everything on the inside then. well i guess you could say that i never really tried then - i miss that happy girl with those hopeful big, brown eyes -
Track Name: Waiting to Break
my mind is a prison. my behavior is a prison. i am a prison, locked in my own cell. i shot myself in the head today, to see if i would die. i continue to walk this way. i continue to try.
every time i flip a coin it lands on tails. so i’ll just keep on these short, dark, dirty trails. smoke some cigarettes and bite off all my nails - waiting to break.

i learned something real today, the past never goes away. memories are here to stay. and if they’re poison, you will die
Track Name: Stix n' Stones
verse (f, c, g, f#) if i had a nickel for every time they tried to shoot me down because i wouldn’t stand in line for mine so i’ll see you around.

maybe someday we’ll walk into the sun - maybe you’lle crawl and maybe i’ll just run.

chorus (am, c, g) sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never haunt me. and if i’m what you speak about then you’d better find a hobby. sticks and stones from queens on thrones but have you seen that army? jesters, fools and vagabonds oh you could never harm me.

(f, c, g, f#) maybe someday we’ll walk into the sun - maybe you’lle crawl and maybe i’ll just run.

so i threw my arms around the world and twirled and danced until i found - there was not a spot in heaven that could ever bring me down.

chorus (am, c, g) sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never haunt me. and if i’m what you speak about then you’d better find a hobby. sticks and stones from kings on thrones but have you seen that army? snakes and tools, attention whores - you could never harm me.
Track Name: Breakout
and i would like to say to you all the things i could not do, like look into your eyes. also i’d like to relay, all the things i could not say like boy are you crazy? don’t you feel the same - so feel the resistance - don’t you leave me at a comfortable distance.

you said breakout - would you just break in? would someone just get me out of here?

i’m am actor, i’m a liar - i’m wrapped in fear, i’m trapped inside. my mind is racing, but my mouth stays the same. and all those things i should have said, those conversations in my head - the words, it all comes down to you. .
Track Name: Billy's Song
so you're feeling like okay, theres a feeling coming over me. and your darkness smites your day - impossible to see. every things okay, billy it’s just a dream. existence, your’e a faint melody that i hear but i just cant sing. you will whisper ever so quietly, and your voice won’t fade from my memories.

those were the days - we would laugh until the sun came up. we would get real drunk and talk about all the sad situations we were living out. then we’d talk about our dreams. our spirits were in chains, but finally we’re free.

you’re free again, but you’ve left footprints on all your friends. buddy your music, i won’t forget you - it will never end- because that bassline was your heart and the melody was your hands. ---follow god’s love home. let the music set you free. ---